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Here’s the secret to a better life…

Read this carefully, heed my advice, and your enjoyment of life will be lifted exponentially!  An opinionated, unsubstantiated guarantee perhaps, but what have you got to lose? I challenge you to prove me wrong…

The focal point of our collective unhappiness?  Dealing with Mondays.  The seeds of dread begin growing slowly in our subconscious by Thursday.  By  Sunday, the disdain for this abomination of scheduling is at it’s peak.

Many people refer to this malaise as the “Monday-morning blahs”, a feeling of physical uneasiness, general discomfort, and mild depression.  I’m telling you we don’t take it seriously enough!  Succumbing to this feeling will surely guarantee your entire WEEK will be jaded.
Television provides subtle proof of my theory.  Friday night programming is filled with shows that placate the people who are not  out celebrating the end of the week.   Saturdays, TV executives just assume that viewers are acting on the wonderful commercial suggestions of the previous week.  They’re drinking, using erectile assistance products, eating everything and anything, and won’t be watching the tube until the evening’s debauchery has concluded.  So accordingly, those of us who stay at home are left with re-runs and infomercials.
Sunday programming is based on sporting events and specials that we would never watch during the week.  But since they know we’re not looking forward to going to sleep, we’ll watch just about anything.  Then a funny thing happens.  The news is still there, but beyond that, a chasm of emptiness.  No uplifting, comical or topical shows, just useless drivel ad nauseum all seemingly interspersed by the same inane Ford commercial.  This thankless, diabolical industry is forcing us to deal with our own thoughts.
As we turn off the television, the lonely click of the remote is magnified in our minds.  Panic ensues as the potential terrors awaiting us in just 8 short hours begin to unfold one after another.  Lying awake with the cold sweats, we’re never quite sure when sleep finally overtakes us, but like a silent angel it does.
Your alarm braces your conscience for the next few hours of hopelessness and despair.  The token breakfast, zombie like exchanges between loved ones, the drive from hell to get to work and then you arrive.  Like waking from a dream, reality takes over and you stumble through the day with one thought burning in the back of your brain… please, let it be over.
With this kind of start, should we be that surprised that a small blanket of doom has settled on the rest of the week?  Like a day without breakfast, we sleep walk through the week:  famished by Wednesday, ready for a nap by Thursday, and nothing but thoughts of escapism by Friday.  My answer to this malady will not only make your life brighter, but also raise the productivity of the United States workforce!
How do you end this endless cycle of futility?  BE MORE OBJECTIVE!  Blaming Mondays for all the trappings and pitfalls of your life is a result of years and years of mind control.  If you take an objective look back, you’ll find that numbing life disasters have happened to you every day of the week, including Friday, which by default is everyone’s favorite day.
Break free from the shackles of Madison Avenue ad campaigns, slick television programmers and worst of all, listening to family and friends.  Take the first step and admit that your life can be horrible ANY day of the week.  Only then can you objectively say, “Monday is my friend”.
Practice by using self-induced dread on the other weekdays.  Once you accept that the Monday curse isn’t real, you can get on with your life.  Each Sunday night, have a good book or music player handy when you feel you’re slipping.  If that fails, let your amorous nature take it’s course if you are so inclined.  Use that option wisely however, it opens a pandora’s box of it’s own.  The point is, you are in control and can remove the fear of “blahs” on any given day.
Once you have, the pall of your former stigma will be lifted.  Each and every day is now the same, which is another problem for some people with I’ll have address in another post.  You are now free to enjoy a finer life.  Be assertive and break old habits.  Hit the mute button when the commercials come on, it’s truly a freeing experience.  Take alternate routes to work, and keep both middle fingers stationary at all times.  Do these things and I assure you, the “blahs” will be the least of your worries.  No really, all your worries will still be there and perhaps even a bit magnified, but your apprehension toward Monday will be gone, therefore, your life will be better.  You’re welcome…





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Good Grief!

While I don’t think about dying, I know it will happen.  It happened all too early to my Mom, which probably put death in perspective for me.  I miss her always, but I don’t “grieve” for her, or “mourn” her death.  I simply accept that it happened, and I couldn’t have changed anything.  Even though I was very young, I knew she was sick and I know I helped her as much as I could.  When I was told she had died, it hit me, but I wasn’t devastated…. I was angry.

To my children and friends, I ask you to remember me in death just as you do in life.  Remember my love of music and sports.  Hopefully, the station will live on after I’m gone as my musical legacy.  Even if the station goes quiet, I will live on in my children, as they are becoming aware how much of me lives in them now.

I don’t want my kids to celebrate my death, but I don’t want it to interrupt their lives any longer than it has to.  While my mom has been gone for over 50 years, she holds a place in my heart that I will take with me when I die.  Think of me as I do her.  I remember her good times and bad, but I prefer to dwell on the good times.

Don’t get me wrong, I do NOT think death is fair.  I observed my best friend deal with the death of his wife, and I honestly felt pain when he did.  She had a zest for life and was  a good person.  She didn’t deserve to die before her time, and once again I got angry.  When my friend “Tom from Garfield Heights” passed away, I was truly sad.  But it angered me that I didn’t know him longer, because I think we would have been great friends.  He kept in touch with me as he lost his battle with cancer and while I know he wasn’t afraid to die, I also know he wasn’t ready to leave his wife and kids behind.  He was a strong man, who fought his disease with honor and dignity.  He lost his battle, but went on his terms.  I was so touched to hear that one of my shows was playing in the background when he passed, surrounded by his family.

I intend to be cremated.  I hope to find little jukeboxes so my kids can all have some of my ashes.  I’d like a portion scattered over my Mom’s grave, and of course I want the rest of me to be in a “side by side” urn with my wife eventually.  During the ceremony, please don’t feel like you have to rush to get it over.  Please convey your honest feelings with the people that show up.  Don’t feel bad for me, and above all, don’t feel bad for yourself.

Be assured that my love for my friends and family is and always has been, genuine.  When you hear a certain familiar phrase or see something that reminds you of me, don’t be sad… remembering is a good thing!




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The cost of stupidity? PRICELESS!

Politically, I consider myself a Moderate.  I see good points and bad points from each side of the spectrum.  I don’t like big Government, and I realize that entitlements, despite great intentions must be paid for.  However, I support many Government regulations because I want to know that the food we eat is safe, the air and water is as fresh and clean as it can be, and we’re not killing species and destroying the planet in the name of profit.

Differing opinions are healthy.  They are intended to provide the checks and balances I believe our founding fathers had in mind.  But the “Hatfield and McCoys” brand of politics that’s been thrust upon us is absolutely ridiculous.  Factor in the over-zealous, out-of-control media and the blather we are bombarded with daily and the result is a divide worse than in Civil War times.

A perfect example is the furor created by our local media about water rate increases.  These systems need to be maintained and they have NOT been.  I can’t remember a winter in Cleveland when there wasn’t a major water main break flooding downtown streets.  Since the pipes are close to 100 years old, I’m not surprised and neither should anyone with a shred of common sense.  Is that the way the story is presented?  Of course not.  If you want water, sooner or later, somebody has to pay to maintain the system.  Cleveland is raising the rates only because they’re being threatened with a law suit if they don’t.  Yes, there’s one of those pesky regulatory services FINALLY doing their job.  We can create a “sin tax” to pay for stadiums, but we don’t want to pay for the bridges, roads and sewers costs that we’ve avoiding for decades.  Do we really need for a bridge to collapse or for every basement to be filled with sewage to get the message?

While the media blowhards on both the left and the right pontificate and provide unwanted opinions over and over and over, the problems remain stagnant and go unsolved.  When politicians of both parties aren’t quoting party lines, they’re campaigning to be re-elected.  And why not?  Why wouldn’t you want to be a Congressman or Senator?  Amazing benefits, great pay and all you have to do is show up once in a while and back your parties latest agenda item, or “speak” to your constituents often enough so they don’t get restless.

We’re borrowing money just to pay the interest on our National Debt.  The average person is told that if they’re $10K in debt they might as well file bankruptcy, because the numbers say you’ll never pay off your debt in any reasonable amount of time.  Shouldn’t there a plateau for the Government?

The current attempts to decrease our debt is almost child-like.  Common sense says that entitlements MUST be somehow adjusted or they will cease to be due to lack of funds.

Please think about this as a MAJOR contribution to our debt problem.  What does it cost to maintain the Government on a daily basis?  The cost of paying all the politicians and staff with benefits must run in the Billions if not approaching Trillions.  If they do NOTHING, as they have been, what are we as taxpayers getting for our dollar in terms of value?  The same NOTHING that they provide.  States and Cities face the same financial crisis and yet elected officials can’t or won’t work together.

If we as citizens can pull together to fight what we consider unfair legislation, why can’t we propose a bill to be passed by the vote of the PEOPLE to provide ACCOUNTABILITY?  We elect our officials to do our work.  If they’re not going to work (and bi-partisin rhetoric stops most of them now), then they should be fired, as any other ineffective employee and PAY US BACK the money they’ve wasted.  It’s not like they can’t afford it, most of them are already Millionaires. Of course, this vice grip of ineptitude will never be loosened because most of them are also attorneys.  What a Country!

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Religion and Politics…

My children know me well enough to keep me away from anyone discussing either of the socially “taboo” subjects.  Of course, I got them in the long run, because I ALWAYS encouraged them to follow their own beliefs and be their own person.  They all are, and I wouldn’t change any of them.

I am a hopeless romantic, and I embrace the concept of the succession of souls.  I’m a real sucker for stories and movies that propose concepts of star-crossed lovers who just look at one another and feel a cosmic connection that transcends time.

It’s no secret that I’m not a fan of organized religions.  From the nut job that predicted the Rapture we just lived through recently to the powerful Catholic church covering the sins of it’s priests, I’ve been dismissing religious “structures” as far back as I can remember.

My best friend growing up became a Baptist minister.  As much as I loved the guy, I could never understand why his choice of religion was the best one, and in the eyes of any Baptist, the only one.  What makes one better than the next?

While I consider myself a man of science, I realize that whatever it is we occupy, it just didn’t start… something or someone had to create it.  I believe it’s beyond my comprehension as a human being and leave it at that.  I’m not all that concerned about “seeking the truth” and have even less desire to spend time on any cyclical basis listening to other human beings droning on about what they believe in.  I am not looking forward to death, but I accept it as a part of life, namely the end and nothing more.

Religion would have you believe that after life there is some kind of judgement,  but I’ve never embraced the concept of heaven and hell.  Science would have you believe in the space-time continuum where space and time are the same entity.  There are people who dismiss one or the other, and also some that are devoted to one or the other.  I think if you devote your life to either, you’re missing out on the day to day mysteries that make our lives so unique.  I believe we are all meant to experience highs and lows, struggle and survive, and cope with love and loss.  We as individuals don’t need a final judgment… if you near the end of your life and recognize your mistakes and savor the balance, you’ve probably led a pretty good life and the satisfaction of knowing is your reward.

Now about politics… don’t get me started!

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