Pass the “S.O.S”

It’s Thanksgiving week, and my thoughts normally turn to turkey and all the trimmings.  But my son Josh, who lives and works in Japan is coming home for Christmas for the first time in two years, and since turkey is one of his favorite meals, we’re postponing our meal until he joins us.  I make a pretty good pot of chili, so that will be my feast for the day.  I won’t have turkey sandwiches the next day, but I will have chili dogs.

One of my favorite meals however, which I haven’t had in over FORTY years is lovingly referred to as “S.O.S.”, a delicacy from my Air Force days that I truly miss.  You can find “Chipped Beef” at some stores (Stauffers frozen) and very few restaurants.  But these all contain dried beef.  The Air Force variety was made with good old ground beef.

Poured over toast and served with coffee, it quickly became my all-time favorite breakfast.  I’ve tried a LOT of different versions since I got out, but NONE compare to the simplistic taste from my Air Force days.  Don’t tell World War Two veterans of  my happiness, they hated it.  I keep telling myself that perhaps the Army just couldn’t cook as well as the Air Force.


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