The cost of stupidity? PRICELESS!

Politically, I consider myself a Moderate.  I see good points and bad points from each side of the spectrum.  I don’t like big Government, and I realize that entitlements, despite great intentions must be paid for.  However, I support many Government regulations because I want to know that the food we eat is safe, the air and water is as fresh and clean as it can be, and we’re not killing species and destroying the planet in the name of profit.

Differing opinions are healthy.  They are intended to provide the checks and balances I believe our founding fathers had in mind.  But the “Hatfield and McCoys” brand of politics that’s been thrust upon us is absolutely ridiculous.  Factor in the over-zealous, out-of-control media and the blather we are bombarded with daily and the result is a divide worse than in Civil War times.

A perfect example is the furor created by our local media about water rate increases.  These systems need to be maintained and they have NOT been.  I can’t remember a winter in Cleveland when there wasn’t a major water main break flooding downtown streets.  Since the pipes are close to 100 years old, I’m not surprised and neither should anyone with a shred of common sense.  Is that the way the story is presented?  Of course not.  If you want water, sooner or later, somebody has to pay to maintain the system.  Cleveland is raising the rates only because they’re being threatened with a law suit if they don’t.  Yes, there’s one of those pesky regulatory services FINALLY doing their job.  We can create a “sin tax” to pay for stadiums, but we don’t want to pay for the bridges, roads and sewers costs that we’ve avoiding for decades.  Do we really need for a bridge to collapse or for every basement to be filled with sewage to get the message?

While the media blowhards on both the left and the right pontificate and provide unwanted opinions over and over and over, the problems remain stagnant and go unsolved.  When politicians of both parties aren’t quoting party lines, they’re campaigning to be re-elected.  And why not?  Why wouldn’t you want to be a Congressman or Senator?  Amazing benefits, great pay and all you have to do is show up once in a while and back your parties latest agenda item, or “speak” to your constituents often enough so they don’t get restless.

We’re borrowing money just to pay the interest on our National Debt.  The average person is told that if they’re $10K in debt they might as well file bankruptcy, because the numbers say you’ll never pay off your debt in any reasonable amount of time.  Shouldn’t there a plateau for the Government?

The current attempts to decrease our debt is almost child-like.  Common sense says that entitlements MUST be somehow adjusted or they will cease to be due to lack of funds.

Please think about this as a MAJOR contribution to our debt problem.  What does it cost to maintain the Government on a daily basis?  The cost of paying all the politicians and staff with benefits must run in the Billions if not approaching Trillions.  If they do NOTHING, as they have been, what are we as taxpayers getting for our dollar in terms of value?  The same NOTHING that they provide.  States and Cities face the same financial crisis and yet elected officials can’t or won’t work together.

If we as citizens can pull together to fight what we consider unfair legislation, why can’t we propose a bill to be passed by the vote of the PEOPLE to provide ACCOUNTABILITY?  We elect our officials to do our work.  If they’re not going to work (and bi-partisin rhetoric stops most of them now), then they should be fired, as any other ineffective employee and PAY US BACK the money they’ve wasted.  It’s not like they can’t afford it, most of them are already Millionaires. Of course, this vice grip of ineptitude will never be loosened because most of them are also attorneys.  What a Country!


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  1. Josh

    The political and economic crisis in America is too depressing for me to even think about. The system is so thoroughly corrupt it would take nothing short of mass revolution in the streets to ever bring about a change, and they have made sure Americans are too scared and apathetic to ever make that happen.

    The only hope for change lies with future generations deciding they’ve had enough, and taking the steps necessary to fix what’s been broken.

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